Session-6, 20th December 2019, Hall-G
Poster in Thoracic
Station-15, Time: 14:30-15:30
Code Title Names of Author Names of Co-authors Institution
P.1.T.A.A-1 Subcutaneous metastasis adenoarcinoma - A rare presentation of carcinoma of lung Dr Ajay Kumar Dr M Sarawagi RIMS, Ranchi
P.1.T.A.A-2 Primary synovial sarcoma of lung Dr Chemuru Munisekhar Reddy Dr H V Rajashekhara Reddy Sagar Hospital, Bangalore
P.1.T.A.A-3 A case report on management of incidentally detected mediastinal mass Dr Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy MG Dr AnandaraviB N
Dr Manjunath R.D
Dr Mahesh K.R
Mysore Medical College
P.1.T.A.A-4 Cervical thymic cyst - A rare diagnosis Dr Abhishek Ganguly KMC, Mangalore
P.1.T.A.A-5 Case report - A rare case of thymoma Dr B Soumya Maharajah IMS, Vizianagaram
P.1.T.A.A-6 Thoracoscopic management of chylothorax Dr Talagadadeevi Dheeraj Dr T Anuroop
Dr A Dinakar Reddy
Dr G Sumanth
NRI Academy of Sciences, Chinakakani
P.1.T.A.A-7 A case report of tracheal and lung injury due to penetrating injury to chest Dr Batchu Naveen Venkat Gandhi Medical College
P.1.T.A.A-8 Chest wall Lymph Cyst - A Rare presentation Dr Shifa Zareena Dr Jai Durai Raj Saveetha Medical College
P.1.T.A.A-9 Lymphangioma of chest - Case report Dr Prakash N Tirunelveli Medical College
P.1.T.A.A-10 Large intrathoracic goitre - A surgical challenge Dr Srikanth M Dr Saroj Ranjan Sahoo
Dr Sabyasachi Parida
Dr Bana Bihari Mishra
KIMS, Bhubaneswar
P.1.T.A.A-11 Giant anterior chest wall lipoma : A case report Dr Barjesh Kumar RIMS, Ranchi
P.1.T.A.A-12 A case report of adult onset recurrent cystic hygroma with mediastinal extension Dr Venkata Navyasree Gandhi Medical College